TEKKNO (Ltd. Deluxe Fanbox 2024) - CD Boxset


Release date: 26 July, 2024

CD-sized hardcover box
- Digipak CD: Full "TEKKNO" album, now including the hit single "Everytime We
Touch" as bonus track!
- Exclusively designed set of playing cards in plastic box, now including 6
additional designs for “Everytime We Touch"!
- Pink branded beer bottle opener – now featuring 9 hillarious Electric Callboy
sounds (the German box set included a black bottle opener with only 5 sounds)
- 6 exclusive newly designed beer coasters, now featuring all band members
as cartoon characters in “Everytime We Touch” outfits (the German box set featured
them in “Spaceman” outfits)

01. Pump It
02. We Got The Moves
03. Fuckboi
04. Spaceman
05. Mindreader
06. Arrow of Love
07. Parasite
08. Tekkno Train
09. Hurrikan
10. Neon
11. Everytime We Touch (bonus track)

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